Hợp Âm Hang On Little Tomato

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Hợp Âm Hang On Little Tomato

[F]The sun has [C]left and for[F]gotten [C]me

It’s [F]dark, I [C]cannot [F]see

Why [Bb]does this rain pour down

I’m gonna [Bbm]drown [C] In a [F]sea

Of [Gm]deep confu[C]sion

Some[F]body [C]told me, I [F]don’t know[C] who

When[F]ever [F7]you are [Bb]sad and blue [Bbm]

And you’re [G]feelin’ all a[A7]lone and left be[Dm]hind

Just [Gm]take a look in[C]side and you’ll [F]find

You gotta [Bb]hold on, hold on through the [Bbm]night

[F]Hang on, things will be all right

[G7]Even when it’s dark and not a bit of spark

[C]Sing-song sunshine from above

[D7]Spreading rays of sunny love

Just [Bb]hang on, hang on to the [Bbm]vine

[F]Stay on, soon you’ll be divine

[G7]If you start to cry, look up to the sky

[C]Something’s coming [F]up ahead

To [G7]turn your tears [C]to dew instead

And [F]so I [C]hold on to [F]his ad[C]vice

When [F]change is [F7]hard and not [Bb]so nice [Bbm]

You [F]listen to your [A7]heart the whole [Dm]night through

[G7]Your sunny [Gm]someday will [C]come one day [C7]soon to [F]you

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