Hợp âm bài ♪♫ Don't forget to remember me ✔✔✔

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Hợp âm chuẩn của bài hát ♪♫ Don't forget to remember me

1. Oh my heart won’t be – lieve that you have left me
I keep telling my self that it’s true
I can get over anything you want my love
But I can’t get my – self over you

Chorus: Don’t for- get to remember me
And the love that used to be
I still remember you I love you
In my heart lies a memory to tell the stars above
Don’t for- get to re- member me my love -

2. On my wall lies a photograph of you girl
Though I try to forget you somehow
You’re the mirror of my soul so take me out of my hole
Let me try to go on living right now

Bee Gees

Don’t forget to remember me

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Nhạc Quốc tế |
#Ballade |
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