Hợp Âm Auld lang syne

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Hợp Âm Auld lang syne

capo 3

Should [C]auld acquaintance [G7]be forgot,

And [C]never brought to [F]mind?

Should [C]auld [Am]acquaintance [G7]be forgot,

And [F]auld lang [C]syne.

For [C]auld lang [G7]syne, my dear,

For [C]auld lang [F]syne,

We”ll [C]take a [Am]cup of [G7]kindness yet,

For [C]auld [G]lang [F]syne.

For [C]auld [G]lang [C]syne.

Happy [C]New Year to you and [G7]your friends

And [C]have a great [F]party

Hap-[C]py [Am]New Year to [G7]you too

And [F]have a great [C]party.

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